Saturday, June 1, 2013

Midwest League Roadtrip Roundup:

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For the most part, my trip was a great success up until the last 48 hours. From the time I left Pensacola, Florida and landed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it seemed I was staying ahead of the rain by a couple of hours but that would change when I checked into my hotel in Peoria, Illinois on Day 5. It was raining and cold. The day before I was wearing shorts and graphing in eighty degree weather . I had already watched a school day game that day and drove two hours to my hotel. The Chiefs announced that they would attempt to play that night's game but I decided to stick to my original plan of watching the Chiefs in the morning and then heading on over to Kane County for a nightcap. The Chiefs game was cancelled in the 7th inning  due to the rain and they announced later on that night that the morning game was also canceled due to poor field conditions. With the weather not looking any better in Geneva, IL, I took a gamble that the Cougars night game wasn't going to be played either and decided to turn in my rental car a day early and headed to Chicago. Sadly, they did get to play the game but if the conditions were anything like I experienced in Burlington early on in the day, it would have been miserable.  I got to attend six of the eight stadiums of the Western Midwest teams and took over 400 pictures. I got a ton of autographs along with meeting interesting baseball fanatics and autograph seekers. One thing I realized on this trip is I love baseball but my limit is probably five days at the max. A lot of the burnout came from watching baseball in the hotel room, when I was eating in between games, and managing all three of my fantasy baseball teams on the iPhone at red lights. With the next trip, I am going to have to plan some off days where I either go watch a movie or go visit a local landmark that interests me. For the reviews of the stadiums, they will be simple reviews of what I liked and what I didn't like with a ton of pictures. I should have them up slowly over the next couple of days, depending on work.

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